4 Crypto Exchanges in Canada Are On the Rise – and You Can Buy Etherium Instantly

You Can Buy Etherium Instantly

Are you looking for places where to buy Ethereum in Canada? Then the great news for you is that there are actually a lot of options for you to consider. One of the great things about living in Canada is the fact that cryptocurrencies are actually very popular and there are a lot of places where you can go in order to purchase or trade with them, and the same goes for Ethereum. In this article, we will discuss some of those options with you in order to help make your choice a bit easier, so definitely, keep on reading if you are interested.

YoBit Cryptocurrency Exchange

This is a great, Russian-based cryptocurrency exchange that gives you over a hundred different types of currencies that are actually available on it. BTC, DASH, ZEC, LTC and, of course, ETH are only some of them, just to give you an idea of what you can expect from this exchange. When on the exchange you can pay in USD or RUB and you can choose between several payment methods like Capitalist, Perfect Money, Cryptocurrency, AdvCash and so on.

Changelly Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange

This exchange, as an option for where to buy Ethereum in Canada, is a great way for you to enter a very competitive exchange market, that also offers very competitive crypto-to-crypto exchange rates. On this global exchange you will be able to deal with more than 70 different cryptocurrencies and, of course, Ethereum is one of them. When paying, you can choose between doing so with a credit card or debit card and the available fiat currencies are the US dollar and the euro.

Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange

This is a great, simple and straightforward option that is US based and that accepts payments in US dollars. We say simple and straightforward because, unlike a lot of available options out there, on this exchange, you can only deal in Ethereum and Bitcoin. There are several payment methods that are available that are also pretty straight forward and they are wire transfer, cryptocurrency, and an electronic funds transfer.

Cancoin P2P Crypto Exchange

One of the best perks about this cryptocurrency exchange is that is offers privacy, which is something that people really o appreciate. Again, the available options when it comes to the crypto currencies that are available are Ethereum and Bitcoin and you can pay with either CAD or USD. When using this exchange you are able to get privacy on multi-signature peer-to-peer exchange deals that can be made with a wide range of different payment options, such as PayPal, SWIFT, Gift Cards, cash and more.

When you talk about where to buy Ethereum in Canada, the great thing is that no matter how many options come up, there will always be more out there for you to look into. Take a good look at the options above and do some extra research, and we