Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously and To Hide Your Identity as a Crypto Investor

Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

When you read the title of this article you may find yourself wondering why you would ever need to buy bitcoin anonymously, but the very simple answer to that is because buying pretty much anything online can be dangerous in terms of hackers, and when talking about bitcoin you are basically dealing with money, so there is a bigger need than ever to protect yourself and your transactions. When you don’t take care to protect yourself, any diligent person will be able to find out how much bitcoins you actually have, when you made a transaction and so on. In order to help you out we have put together a few ways of how to buy bitcoin anonymously, so keep on reading.

Use a bitcoin ATM

One of the easiest ways for you to remain anonymous is to simply use an ATM in order to deposit your cash. All you would have to do is provide the machine with the address of your bitcoin wallet and you will have the equivalent of bitcoin added to your account. The problem here would be to find an ATM in your area, so that will require some research on your part and you always have to remember that the anonymity can vary between different machines because some may ask for to verify your identity and others may have cameras, so that is another thing that you need to look into.

Trade with cryptocurrency

This is another great thing that you can do, since when you trade other cryptocurrencies for bitcoin, you will often be able to trade without verifying your identity. All you have to do is find an exchange, which should be easy enough since there are many options out there, and the key is to only stick to cryptocurrencies and avoid any fiat currencies.

Peer-to-peer trading

This type of trading essentially lets you trade with people that are in your area, or even further away. There are plenty of platforms that will allow you to find people who are willing to trade and the best part is that there is absolutely no verification required, since you are doing the trading in person, and you will also be able to sort out the payment method amongst yourselves, which is another great bonus. However, if you use this method of trading, then you need to remember that you don’t know who you are dealing with, so always be cautious and make sure to avoid people and offers that don’t feel right.

Buy your coins with a credit card or cash

When taking about how to buy bitcoin anonymously, this is most like the best way to do so. There are lots of exchanges and services out there that will allow you to buy bitcoins using your prepaid credit card or simply by using cash. The key here is to be wary of the amount that you will be buying, because transactions like these usually don’t require identification for small sums of money, usually up to $150.

The first thing that you always need to remember to do is keep, both yourself and your finances private. The best way to do that is to consider how to buy bitcoin anonymously, do definitely keep this article and the tips we have given you the next time that you make any online purchase using bitcoin.